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Zenspa Wellness Packages

The benefits of massages and facials are best maximized when it is part of an overall wellness routine. Routine massages and facials create and maintain positive cell, tissue and muscle memory, allowing the body to heal itself.

At Zenspa San Diego we strongly believe that massage and skin care provide a holistic remedy for several ailments from regular muscles aches/spasm and pains to nervous system and mental health concerns. Massage and body work remedy the body without the usual side effects that tend to come with drugs.

We invite you to give your mind and body the care it needs with a Zenspa Wellness Package. These discounted packages are designed to inspire you in the direction of your wellness goals.

Becoming an exclusive VIP of Zenspa is easy! All you need to do is buy one of our Zenspa Wellness Prepaid Packages which gives you a deep discount and preference on services and therapist. The benefits of our Prepaid Packages are:

  • Highly discounted treatment rates
  • Prepaid services never expire
  • Transfer/share your services with whomever you like (friends/family/employees)
  • Service can by used for Massages or Facials
  • Preference on requested therapists and estheticians
  • No monthly credit card charges
  • $10 discount on any other Zenspa Services

Discount Prepaid Packages Include: (Package coupons are in series of 5 or more coupons)

  • 90 Mins. Zen Signature Care package (1 hr customized full body massage & 30 mins. Reflexology)
  • 90 Mins. Customized Full body Massage
  • 60 Mins. Customized Full body Massage
  • 60 Mins. Reflexology/foot Massage
  • 60 Mins. Customized Facial Treatment
  • Ultimate Wax Passport – Non transferable & area specific

Talk to our friendly Customer Care Associates about package rates. Do not miss the opportunity to save!!!

Note: Prepaid coupons are: Non refundable, are not redeemable for cash, session are type specific and sessions cannot be split