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Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is a traditional form of Hawaiian massage. The word “lomi” means “to knead, to rub, or soothe, to work in and out” in the Hawaiian language. Lomi Lomi is traditional Hawaiian bodywork that integrates energetic and physical healing through fluid movements up and down the body,with some focus on specific trouble areas. The soothing strokes of lomi lomi mimic the ebb and flow of ocean waves and Hawaiian trade winds. This massage is performed in the native Hawaiian fashion, with soothing music in the background, using coconut oil.

It differs from other modalities in that the entire length of the client’s body is massaged, with little or no pausing between strokes. Lomi Lomi offers a complete escape with several health benefits. Increase circulation, ease pain and discomfort, induce deep relaxation, and promote overall well being.

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1 Hour – $75 / 1.5 Hours – $98/ 2 Hours – $140

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