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Lash lifting

Can I wear mascara or eye makeup prior to my appointment?

No. Please remove all eye makeup before coming in.

Can I wear mascara after Lash Lift?

Yes, however we do NOT recommend waterproof mascara and the use of makeup remover, they tend to weaken the lift. Wait 24 Hours after Treatment.

What should I use for cleaning my face after lift?

Use mild gel cleanser. Do not use eye makeup remover.

How long will the Lash Lift appointment take?

About 30 minutes depends on how long and coarse the eyelashes are.

How long will the curl last?

6 – 8 weeks.

How often can I repeat the Lash Lift?

The curl will begin to drop gradually, one lash at a time. You can repeat the procedure after 8 weeks.

Can I use my eyelash curler?

You do not need it. Eyelash curlers break off the lashes, so we don’t recommend it.

Will I lose any of my lashes because of the lift?

No, however it is perfectly normal to lose one or two eyelashes daily, it happens to all of us. New eyelashes will grow in place of old ones.

Does the Lash Lift hurt?

No, however you may experience a little discomfort.

Will I have skin irritation?

It’s very rare for someone to have a reaction, but a little redness is normal and will go away after a couple hours.

Can I wash my face after lift?

Yes but not the eyes.

Can I use growth serums after lift?

Yes you can and we recommend you do! Just wait 3 days after lift to start/continue.

After Care

  • Avoid heat the day of lift (sauna, facial, hot shower, working out, etc.).
  • Do not apply any oils such as, baby oil, coconut oil, etc., during the length of the lift.
  • No makeup remover wipes.
  • Use mild non-oily cleanser daily, no eye makeup remover.
  • Do not use waterproof mascara instead we recommend regular or gel (clear) mascara daily, it helps to prolong the lift.