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Body Treatments

Our body treatments pamper your whole body, leaving your skin velvety smooth and soft. Body treatments are like “full body facials”, in that they cleanse, exfoliate, tone and hydrate the skin. They are an ideal way to enhance the benefits of a massage or facial, and look and feel great from head to toe! Contact us today for quality spa treatments in San Diego. Zenspa’s luxurious full body treatments include:

Full Body Ultimate Scrub & Rub – $139

This treatment consists of a 30-minute full body exfoliating salt scrub and 60-minute pampering full body massage. Dull, dry skin is removed and newly revealed layers are infused with hydration. Surface circulation is stimulated and the muscles are relaxed and ready to receive the greatest benefit from your customized therapeutic massage. You will leave your session thoroughly relaxed, with skin that is hydrated, glowing, and, silky smooth.

Add-On 20 mins. Full Body Herbal Steam Sauna detox Only $40 more
Total time: 90 minutes

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Espresso Limón Detoxifying Body Treatment – $170

Designed to exfoliate, detoxify, purify, tone and hydrate, this treatment begins with an invigorating full body scrub to exfoliate the skin and stimulate healthy blood flow. Once the skin is thoroughly exfoliated, a detoxifying emulsion rich in active ingredients is applied. Next, a warm thermal blanket is applied, cocooning the entire body. This activates the lymph and sweat glands, to detoxify and firm. Upon removal completion, a soothing, hydrating after-bath lotion is applied. This treatment will jump start your body’s natural detoxification process, with the added bonus of smoother, hydrated skin with increased tone and firmness.

* not intended for weight loss

Total time: 70 minutes

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Full Body Herbal Hot Oil Treatment

Herbal Hot oil massage is an ancient form of Indian Ayurveda Massage. This massage blends the profound benefit of heat, aroma, herbs and acupressure therapy. This is a three-part session, starting with full body dry brush exfoliation, followed by a hot herbal oil massage, and finished with a detox steam sauna treatment.

Zen therapeutic hot oil relieves soreness and pain while increasing level of flexibility and better blood circulation giving a simultaneously relaxing and energizing effect to body, mind and soul.

75 Minutes – $135 / 1.5 Hours – $165 / 2 Hours – $205

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