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Corporate Events

Zenspa Mobile Services are the perfect way to make a special event even more impactful. Launching a new product? Hosting an employee appreciation day? Looking to reward current clients or attract new ones? Implementing a wellness program? These are just some of the many events that can be greatly enhanced by mobile spa services.Zenspa Mobile Services allows you to provide a unique experience for your guests, clients, employees, and business partners. To further enhance the experience, we are even able to provide custom branded spa products – such as robes, towels, sheets, lotions, or bath salts – with your company logo.

Spa services are a great complement to most corporate events and celebrations, meetings, seminars, and conventions. Our talented team is experienced at collaborating with a wide range of businesses to make your event memorable and unique. We provide the following services for our corporate clients:




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We look forward to providing you with an unforgettable on-site spa experience!